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Spotted owl

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Into this little assemblage slides the tang of the blade. The Spotted Owl article states that northern spotted owl is a reclusive bird that few presenters at an April 2, conference in Portland, Oregon had ever seen. The article also states that the northern spotted owl lives in the old-growth forest of the Pacific Northwest, where the owl nests in snags and trees with broken tops/5(3).

The controversy over the northern spotted owl follows on the heels of debates over dolphins, whales, snail darters, and desert tortoises, each raising questions concerning society's obligation to protect animals threatened by extinction.

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Spotted owl controversy essays

The Northern Spotted Owl is one of the largest owls located in North America with a road to extinction because of the abolishment of the forests.

With the declining habitat of the forests, the spotted oil also has a decline in population. The Northern spotted owl has been on the rapid decline, with over half of the population being wiped out. The old growth forest, the home of the spotted owl, has become a huge income earning logging industry that has created jobs for thousands of workers.

Prey of Barn Owl. Barn Owls usually show aggression against tiny creatures including vole, mouse, rat, shrew, frog, young insects and and large, such types of owls make use of the mixture of the eyesight as well as audible senses to locate their victim.

Spotted owls essay
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