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The nature of Spanish colonization differed sharply from the English model, and that difference had far-reaching consequences. The King spent laborious hours over papers relating to the cherished colony across the sea. Few individuals had agricultural skills. However, as England and Spain, French aimed to have financial profit from the conquests of American lands.

Officers in Canada talked loftily of the ease with which France might master all the English colonies. However, the situation among the colonies in question differed considerably.

Two of the most prominent countries that colonized the area were England and Spain. English Colonies Throughout the seventeenth century, many countries began inhabiting North America. Silver and gold flourished, and inflation helped stabilize the economy.

It is considered that colonization of Americas started inwhen Christopher Columbus, sponsored by Spanish government, discovered America. Yet, remote as the colony seemed, Quebec was the child of Versailles, protected and nourished by Louis XIV and directed by him in its minutest affairs. He knew well that to preserve his throne he must remain outwardly a Protestant and must also respect the liberties of the English nation.

There is no doubt that France could put into the field armies vastly greater than those of England. All over France there had already burst out terrible persecution, and the act of Louis XIV brought a fiery climax.

The two most obvious differences between the Spanish and English were in the areas of religion and economic development. Stuart kings of Scotland, allied with France, had fought the Tudor kings of England.

The Canadians, it was said, were a brave and warlike people, trained to endure hardship, while the English colonists were undisciplined, ignorant of war, and cowardly.

Economic activity continued to flourish as trade was strictly regulated. Speaking about French, they occupied eastern North American lands in the middle of 16th century.

Colonization of the New World between the English and the Spanish Essay Sample

Eventually, the merchants obtained a title to the land. After the English Reformation and dissent, English people began arriving in the New World for religious reasons.

The English model eventually forced the Mexican people to surrender their territories north of the Rio Grande as Texas then California and the American Southwest were seized by descendants of the English.

The other group funded by the Virginia Company, acquired land from what is now Maine to Virginia. We know what has happened, and after the event it is an easy task to measure political forces.

The Contrast of French and English Colonies

Labor needs multiplied and the English settlers pruchased slaves from Africa to do the work. In contrast, the Native people of Central and South America were intricately connected to the daily life of their homelands, though in some remote areas the people still lived more traditional lifestyles.

The colonies at New England were mostly Puritans and Catholics who hoped to put their religious beliefs into practice without interference from England or the church hierarchy.

Sovereignty rested in the monarch. Tens of thousands escaped from France in spite of a law which, though it exiled the Protestant ministers, forbade other Protestants to leave the country.

He executed many strict demands regarding the policies of the town. Only when he realized some peril to his interests, some menace which would master him if he did not fight, was he stirred to warlike energy.

The English seemed to be kinder overall and a more efficient method of achieving goals than the Spanish. They both used slaves for labor needs, only they acquired them from different areas. The struggle had become one of religion as well as of race. But, as conquest settled into colonization, the Native people of Central and South America were included in the traditions of the Spanish ruling classes.

These laws forced cruel and unusual punishment for crimes and la of labor in the work force. On his deathbed he avowed his real belief. English, French, and Spanish Colonies: A Comparison New World’s fate. France and Spain, for instance, were governed by autocratic sovereigns whose rule population in the English colonies had grown to million; this included large proportions of German and French.

Comparing Spanish and English colonial efforts reveals that significant differences. there were some similarities.

Both nations used New World colonies to further their mercantile goals. Both nations destroyed native populations through the spread of diseases. We will write a custom essay sample on Compare and Contrast Spanish and. Unlike the English, the Spanish employed Viceroys, or officials to rule the new world to keep order.

These Viceroys reported directly to the king, and could be removed from office by a court of lawyers. Chronicles of America American Biography Maps of America A New World Spanish Conqueror New France English Exploration Southern Colonies Plymouth Colonies Quaker Colonies Colonial Folkways New France Age of Invention Theodore Roosevelt.

The Contrast of French and English Colonies. David Anthony Essay #2 Spanish Nancy Faires Tues/Thurs Spanish and English Models of Colonization Spain was a major force in the colonization of the New World.

Paper on English, French and Spanish Colonies in the New World

As a major sea-faring power, Spain sponsored Christopher Columbus’ planned voyage to the East by traveling West, never. Compare and contrast Spanish and British colonization efforts in North America prior to Though the English colonies were by far the most populous, within the English colonies, four distinct regions emerged.

Spanish expansions in the New World were actions that needed to be limited. In a way, many also attempted to colonize out of.

English and spanish new world colonies essay
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Paper on English French and Spanish Colonies in the New World